A Thank you Beer

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I want this!

A Thank you Beer

Jichao Ouyang's 十元店
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[Scene: Awesome Express: Lounge. Fry and Bender sit on the couch watching All My Circuits. Bender sings to his bump to the tune of the Mockingbird Song.]

Bender: [singing] Hush, little brewski,

Don't you leak,

Daddy wants to drink for at least a week.

[He rumbles.] (talking) Oh, my God! I think it's time!

[Leela runs in.]

Fry: Hurry, Leela! Get some coasters and cold mugs.

[Scene: Awesome Express: Meeting Room. Bender lies on the table with his head on Leela's lap. Fry puts the beer in bottles and Bender cries in pain.]

Fry: Push, Bender, push!

Leela: You're doing great!

[Bender cries again.]

Bender: It feels like I'm trying to push a water bed outta me.

Fry: Almost there. Just two more bottles.

Bender: Is it OK? I can't hear anything.

[The last of the beer drains from Bender. Fry holds a bottle up.]

Fry: It's an ale! Five gallons, six ounces!

[He slaps a "Benderbrau" label on the bottle and hands the crate of beer to Bender who hugs it. Enter Dwight and Cubert.]

I want this!
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